Equipment Service Department

Our service department and parts distribution are located in Salt Lake City. We service many treatment and equipment issues, having the systems back into operation with out extended down time.

Construction Service Department

After the bid has been awarded this department performs system clean outs, disinfection of domestic water systems, initial charging of closes loops with corrosion inhibitors or glycol, and oversees installation of treatment control and feed equipment.

Laboratory Services

Recently completed was the expansion of our Analytical Laboratory. We can provide on-the-spot analytical support for all your water treatment needs, thus being able to IDENTIFY, DEFINE, and CORRECT any problems quickly.


Training can be provided on-site, at a local facility or at our training center in Salt Lake City. One-day courses on Cooling Treatment, Boiler Treatment and Boiler Maintenance are offered on a season basis. The on-site sessions allow the programs to be customized for the specific treatment conditions and applications that exist in the particular facility.